Introduction to Products

Hair Revamping and Washing Method for Curly Hair ( Raw Donor and SDD)

Methods to Roll Different Curls on Hair

How to Wash and Revamp Deepwave Hair (Double Drawn)

Revamping and Washing of Straight Good Hairs such as SDD or Donor

Revamping and Washing a Synthetic hair 1 and 2

🆕Maintain Curly Hair – Keeping a Wet Look all day?

You will learn a smooth method on how to main your curly Hair and Keep it looking wet all day. Enjoy

🆕Low-Quality/Quality Hair: Difference between a Single Drawn & Double Drawn

Why do Hair Tangle & How to Detangle

Test: Revamping Test?

Question and Answer. This is to see if you have been following up with the training so far.

Test: Curl Test?

Quick question and answer on what you have learned so far on How to roll a perfect long lasting curls.

BabesMarket Hair & Beauty: Outro

LowQuality vs Quality Hair: SD & SDD

Learn how to spot the different between a Single and Double Drawn Hair