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Become a Certify Hair Tycoon. Profit from Revamping Hairs and much more. Suitable for All. Personal or Business purpose.

Whether you are a hair stylist or not, this are things you need to know. Start Revamping and Curling Hairs like a PRO. This Training is valued at $1,250 and above. You can’t get this elsewhere, you can ask your hair stylist. Take Advantage of this promo offer before the price goes up.

Mastery Ebook (PDF): Today Offer: $7.00 (40% discount)

Gold Pack (WebMini)📱(Video): Today Offer: $22.00 (50% discount)

Ultimate Gold Pack (With Certificate): Today Offer: $20.00 + Lifetime Access & Updates

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Latest/Updated Strategy

FREE VIDEO: Watch & Learn! Why Hair Tangle, Prevention and Detangling Techniques

It’s all about embracing and mastering the step-by-step techniques to achieve the desired curl you want on your hair or wigs for any type of texture. Regardless of the type of curls you have or the style of revamp you want on your old wigs, this masterclass will be worth the while. Scroll Down for more info on this training or Click HERE to skip all info.

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revamp testi

Detailed Premium video with Over 2 hours program. Precise and straight to the point with key/actionable information. Our students love the videos (9 time quality content than most N20,000+ programs).

Most training are basically a repackage of an un-unique technique and boring method/time consuming strategies. We have taken into consideration of so many things to ensure easy understand for every student.

The best time to act is NOW! you can as well take what you will learn from our training into Business, by starting a Hair Laundry business. Revamp Hairs (Restore old hairs to new), Roll Long-lasting Curls, Hair Treatment and much more.

Full Lifetime Access plus update that aren't available on my YouTube Channel. Such as a comprehensive close-up step-by-step guides to get that perfect hair. Start slaying those old wigs.

Learning all this is never a waste of time. According to statistics, record has it that 80% of ladies don't know how to maintain their hairs and obviously using ideas which could damage their hairs

This course is packaged with Lifetime access, access to our Facebook group, availability for questions & answer. Certification (T&C applies) and much more. Get started NOW!!!

FREE VIDEO: Watch & Learn! Difference Between a Single Drawn and Double Drawn Hair (Identify Quality & Fake hair)

Most single drawn hair tend to be low quality and won’t last you long, compared to double drawn which are High Quality.

Some hair vendors will sell you fake hairs in price of Original. You must have been a victim of such right. Well, these are things we ladies face most time. I even have friends that can’t even tell difference or spot a quality hair.

Watch this short video below 👇👇👇 where I explained how to easily tell the different in Non-Quality and Quality hair. Even as a hair vendor, you should know this.

All most people know is, the hair is beautiful, I love it and voom they pay for it and few days/weeks later they’re angry with themselves thinking they where either sold Fake-hairs or they were the once that didn’t maintain the hair.

No doubt, 75% plus ladies have wigs they have abandoned, thinking they are bad, not knowing that the lifespan of that wig can actually be extended. 😱😱😱. I know right.

Well this is where we come in. We have prepared an Online Video Training that will guide you step-by-step on how to revamp your hairs (This is basically restoring OLD, Abandoned and tangled hairs back to life and make it look new again). Awesome right. 😱😱😘

Hurry, this is a one-time offer. Grab a slot now for yourself. After today you may not get it for this price anymore.

This masterclass will be worth the while. Sign up today using the button on this page.

A Sneak look on what’s Inside this Training

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We Offer Certification

complete your course and get your certificate at NO additional cost.


Who the heck is Mariam?

Who am I and Why you should trust Me.

My name is Mariam Sulaiman, I’m one of the co-founders of BabesMarket Hair and Beauty. Also, I’ll be your instructor for this training. One thing for sure, Am a big hair Lover. Obviously, you are as well, that’s why you are here.

Lets talk in brief about Myself. I know I’ve given little intro about myself, but well, this is few things you should know. I studied Business Administration.
I’ve had a lot of experience in the past, I must say it wasn’t easy. In the year 2007 I went for complete hair training, where I learnt how to make hair, roll hair, and much more. Because of the love for hair, I felt I don’t know enough so I went to build my knowledge in 2015 and still going for a lecture. Imagine how stressful that could be.
Here i get to learn the secret to different ways to revamp different kinds of hair, Right treatment for your hair, how to curl different kind of curls and much more.
Up till date am still gathering knowledge, trying out different thing and Still making research, because knowledge has no limit.
One thing I came to realize all this years is that, a lot of ladies tend to abandon or even trash their old wigs because they feel its useless and can’t be brought back to life. If you are that type, this course is for you.

The good news is, you don’t have to pass through such stress, frustration or spend all the money I had to spend. That’s why we have prepared this online course where you can learn from the comfort of your home/salon.

I can boldly say I have trained over 150+ students, they’re all doing well for themselves and successful.


Have you been desiring to revamp old hair, wigs and weavon and make them look new and curly again? Has it been your concern to know how to go about it?

Do you know that your old, tangled and abandoned wig can be brought back to life?

There is a place where your concerns can be handled as you will receive the best training on how to go about making that old wig look all new again and it would look like you visit the salon almost every week, whereas, you only know what many others do not know. The place is BABES MARKET ONLINE.

Just before you dispose that hair/wig after you have run to different places that will still not give you the satisfactory answer on how to revamp and make that old hair/wig new. Here, you will learn that secret about getting your hair/wig new again.

If you really would love to know the secret to revamping that old, tangled and abandoned wig and make it all fresh and new again, why don’t you sign up for our online training course already? 

What’s more? It is very affordable.

Over 150 students have been trained and are doing very well. You too can be a part of this golden opportunity to learn from the best.

This training is 100% risk-free. You will also find on our website, reviews of our students who have been part of this training course, and how they found it very useful and beneficial.

Table of Content


How to Revamp Human Hair/Virgin hair​


Know the right product for your hair


How to Prevent your hair from Tangling


How to detangle your hair without damaging it


How to Revamp your Synthetic Hair


How to roll different long lasting Curl (Deepwave, Lose Wave and much more)


The untold method on how to wash your hair


How to maintain your curly hair and keep the wet look all day. and much more

Try It Out 100% Risk-Free!
5 Days Refund Policy

You’re covered with our 5-days Refund Policy. For whatever reason, you have 5-days to request a refund of any fees. No-Questions-asked money back guarantee…

See What Existing Babesmarket Members Have To Say

See what they have to say

I can't wait to consume more content from you. Honestly speaking, everything was so clear and easy to understand.
grace cssltd
Grace I.
Work's @ CSSLTD
Keep it up. I do not regret joining your lecture. I'm glad to enroll. Alot of things I didn't know. You guys just put me in the right lane.
I'm actually one of those people that abandon and trash old wigs. You can't believe what my abandoned hairs are looking like right now.
Temitope A.
Thank you babes market... Please can you do another training on how to install frontal.
Chioma M.
Really! babes market nailed it all. Hit me with a lot of points and tips. I'm already telling my friends about this. You have just gained a life time student for this.
Mistura A.
I'm actually a stylist that have gone to different places for training. I mean (physical) training, I must say what I learned from Babes Market online is nothing compared to what I learnt from other places in the past.
Matilda E.
Hair Stylist - From Ghana

Try It Out 100% Risk-Free!
5 Days Refund Policy

You’re covered with our 5-days Refund Policy. For whatever reason, you have 5-days to request a refund of any fees. No-Questions-asked money back guarantee…


Join the Babes Market Hair Curling and Revamping Training. Grab this huge deal which is extensively Cheaper than other Similar Training out there.

Seize this deal, before we raise it. Hurry while offer last.

Got Question? Call: 📞 +1 315 636 6681 or +234 902 363 6221

Don’t like the above offer? then scroll down for other packages. 😉😊💃💃

Note: This Training comes in three forms, the Video Training (Ultimate Gold Pack), Ebook(PDF – Mastery Ebook) and Web/WhatsApp (WhatsApp is based on request). We understand how things are Globally, so we decided to reduce the price of all courses.

Note: This Training comes in two forms, the Video Training and Ebook(PDF). We understand how things are Globally, so we decided to produce 2 categories. Video(Watch all Training) and PDF(Reading copy).


Worth 75k+ Sales N14000 Limited time Offer: N7,000

You’ll get access to all video training on our Revamping & curling training. FOUR (4) Hair Revamping Methods included

You can easily login to your Dashboard at anytime to continue watching from where you stopped. Incredible updates: We get to add new videos to the Library for you to consume. Band with a 1 year access and much more

BONUS: For a limited time, If you Pay for the Video Training today, you’ll get the Ebook Handbook as well for FREE.

Got Question? Call: 📞 +2347039753784, 08163425742


Worth 75k+ Sales N4999 Limited time Offer: N2000

pdf-table of content

This is an eBook (PDF) Handbook made specially for you on-the-go. Downloaded to your phone which you can access anytime. Good visuals. For those that love reading. No Curling Method. You can start with this if you aren’t ready then later enroll for the video training. Just that the video training Price isn’t static.

Got Question? Call: 📞 +2347039753784, 08163425742


Worth 75k+ Sales N6000 Limited time Offer: N3000

This is a 3days WhatsApp class. Deep revamping and curling Training, where you will learn a professional way to revamp and curl your hair. Note: Their is room for question and answer. And the videos are yours to keep. Hurry, signup now.

Got Question? Call: 📞 +2347039753784, 08163425742


  • Bank Name: Zenith bank PLC
  • Account Number: 1017488537

After payment, kindly send in your proof of payment to WhatsApp: +1 315 636 6681 or +234 902 363 6221

Once confirmed, your account will be created, and access to the training will be granted to you immediately.

Try It Out 100% Risk-Free!
5 Days Refund Policy

You’re covered with our 5-days Refund Policy. For whatever reason, you have 5-days to request a refund of any fees. No-Questions-asked money back guarantee…

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join and get started ?

Follow the instruction on this page. Then click on the Signup button. Then follow the onscreen instruction to complete application. However, check your mailbox for additional information.

How quickly will I be approved ?

After verification, your account becomes active immediately.

Do I have Lifetime Access ?

Yes, you will have lifetime access plus future updates.

What is your refund Policy?

You’re covered with our 5-days Refund Policy. For whatever reason, you have 5-days to refund any fees. However, you will undergo verification before it can be processed.

I don't have any Experience! Will it work for me ?

Yes, it will. We try as much as we can to make it easy to understand with Step-by-Step Guide.

Can I Pay Installment ?

Unfortunately, we don’t allow installment payment. That is why we made we’ve made it affordable.


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